Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I enroll in your programs?
Please contact your regional center service coordinator.

2. May I take a tour of your program?
Yes, but please make an appointment with the director of the program(s) you are interested in viewing.

3. Do you provide transportation?
No, we do not provide transportation.

4. Do you provide night and weekend activities? If so, what are the age groups?
 Unfortunately, we no longer provide these services.

We do, however, offer many seasonal and nighttime activities, such as dances, annual plays, and movie nights.  These events usually have a small per-person fee, and require caregiver attendance if not a client of NAPD.

5. If I am not in the Kern Regional Center system, how do I start the process?
Please call the Kern Regional Center:  661-327-8531 and inform them that you are interested in applying for services.

6. Do you provide supported living services?
We currently do not provide these services.

7. Do you provide services for anyone other than Regional Center Clients?
No. You must be a client of a regional center.

8. What programs do you provide for children or teens?
We have 1 program for teens that is held after school. We also provide transportation to and from some of these programs:

  • Socialization Enrichment and Educational Development for Young Adults - SEED Young Adults