Center for Creative Achievement - CCA

The Center for Creative Achievement (CCA) is a day program that provides a creative learning environment for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Activities and classes offered include: drama, art, education technology, interpersonal development, cooking, and much more. Several times throughout the year, themed dinner dances are held, as well as special holiday events that utilize decorations and entertainment planned and created by the clients.

Ages: 18 years to senior citizens

To attend CCA, a referral is made from Kern Regional Center. The client and family, or care provider, are invited for a tour to view the facility. An intake packet is given to the family/care provider and must be completed prior to admission. This packet includes a medical examination form and TB test request.

Transportation may be arranged through the Kern Regional service coordinator. The clients at CCA can select from a variety of interesting and motivating activities and classes. Each day, the participants enjoy morning and afternoon sessions. There is also adequate time throughout the day to make new friends, socialize and interact with others.

CCA attendees are required to bring their lunch every day unless enrolled in the cooking class. Cooking class participants eat what they have prepared in class. Locked storage is available for storing lunch boxes, coolers, and backpacks. Any meal that needs to be heated or stored cold is attended to by our staff.


Among the activities we offer:  

  • Drama
  • Art
  • Education Technology
  • T.A.G. (Take Action Group)
  • Cooking
  • Economics
  • Rhythmic Movement
  • Physical Fitness
  • Special Events 
  • Religious Expression
  • Communications
  • Community Outings
  • Cultural Awareness



Any medications, prescription or over-the-counter, are required to be stored. They will remain locked in the administration office, and dispensed as necessary with the appropriate prescription.

Staff Certifications
All of our staff are required to be trained in:

  • CPR & First Aid
  • Non-violent Crisis Intervention
  • Water Safety Training
  • Medication Certification

Paid Work Program

For those who wish to be in the work force, CCA offers paid employment for grounds keeping. Duties include sweeping, raking, trash, window washing, and van washing. All work is done on premises with supervision, and clients are paid minimum wage.


Several times throughout the year, CCA holds themed dinner dances for all Kern Regional Center clients, ages 18 and over. Participants sign up in advance, transportation is provided on a limited basis, and a fun time is had by all. Successful dances in the past include the Valentines' Dance, Halloween Dance and costume party, and Holiday Dance. The dances are always greatly anticipated and well attended!

Special Events

Holidays offer a unique time for staff to organize fun and entertaining events for our clients. Classes become involved with decorating the center and staging the entertainment. It is always popular when a festive themed free lunch is offered. A focus on the historical significance of each event adds to the celebration.

Frequently asked Questions:

How often can I come to day program at CCA?

You are welcome to enjoy our program five days a week, Monday through Friday. It is also possible to attend only two or three days a week. The decision is up to you, your care provider, and your Kern Regional Center service coordinator.

How will I get to the center?

Kern Regional Center will arrange transportation for you if you request it. You may be transported by NAPD Transportation Department vans, Express Transit or other assigned transportation. You can also arrange your own transportation.

What should I bring for lunch?

Lunch should be healthy and nutritious, and designed for your specific dietary needs. Most of our clients bring a sandwich or entree, two or thee side dishes (fruit, veggies, snacks) and a drink. Remember to pack all items in an insulated lunch box or cooler.

Can I keep my medicines in my pocket or backpack?

All medicines are required to remain in the Program Assistant of Medications' office, according to CCA policy. This is for safety reasons and to prevent accidental overdosing. Staff are always present to assist with the dispensing of necessary medications at the appropriate time.

Do I get to select my classes?

Yes. You will have the opportunity over the first 30 days to sample all classes and outings to see which you enjoy most. After the first 30 days, you will help design a class schedule and be given priority for classes that support your goals at CCA.

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