New Advances for People with Disabilities is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) California corporation. It is governed by a volunteer board of directors drawn from a pool of interested community members, parents of our clientele, and local business leaders.

The central business location for NAPD houses our administrative departments which coordinate cohesive services for all clients. These activities include fiscal management, accounting, human resources, client services, fund raising, and public relations.

Michael Shain
Executive Director

Melinda Harrison
Associate Executive Director

Javier Jimenez
Director of Client Services


   Human Resources

  • Michele Nowell
    Director of Human Resources

  • Daisy MontoyA
    hr Coordinator

Our Board of Directors

Maryann Mcbee - President

stacy ferreira - Vice President

theresa fahsbender - Treasurer


  • Richard Barenchi
    Director of operations & finance

  • Judy Kyner
    aCCOUNTING Assistant

  • Beth Berry
    Billing Secretary

  • Dave Ewert - Director

  • David James - DIRECTOR

  • stephanie marina - Director

  • Laura Barnes - dIRECTOR

  • Patrick Collins - Director