Walter H. Cochneuer was the creator and driving force behind NAPD.  On October 8, 1979, he started with a handful of clients and a skeleton staff. Today, NAPD serves over 450 children and adults with developmental disabilities, and employs over 160 staff. Walter’s vision, passion, and energy helped to build NAPD into what it is today: a tireless advocate for people with disabilities who deserve to be educated, nurtured, respected and loved.

Although he retired in 2009, Walter was still very much a part of NAPD and always will be. He will be sorely missed.  The staff extends a special thank you to Walter’s family who shared their husband, father, and grandfather with NAPD for so many years of their lives.

  Walter H. Cochneuer Founder of New Advances for People with Disabilities

1979 – 2010 On October 8, 1979, Walter took a job to build an agency and that is what he did. When he took on the challenge, his integrity was unquestioned and when he retired, it was completely intact.  He was satisfied and knew he had been blessed.  He was a visionary and pioneer in the human service industry.  His dedication to NAPD and its clients was extraordinary.  He accomplished his dream.

He made a difference daily.